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Our Philosophy

To inspire a return to nature through holistic wellness tools that support and respect the earth.

Our offerings are composed of responsibly sourced plant material, extracted to deliver potent wellness tools to support your wellbeing and encourage a return to nature.



"I absolutely love the consistency of this oil as it’s so lightweight and sinks right in. I like to use it as soon as I’m out of the shower - I gently massage a few drops into my scalp, throughout the rest of my hair and leave it on to work it’s magic!"

“I used the Night Face Serum last night and OMG I’m in love! I’ve used so many different oils and yours is not heavy or “oily” but yet so nourishing and woke up with way less red skin and it’s soft!”

“Adding the Nourish Body Oil to my daily skincare routine was one of the best things I ever did. It’s made my skin so soft and smooth I never want to stop touching it!”

“I’ve been using the Umoya Botanics Mermaid Hair Elixir since last summer. A few drops to the end of my hair after washing and it helps smooth split ends without weighing down my fine hair”.

"It keeps my under eyes very hydrated and lighter looking if I use it daily (which I have been trying very hard to do). I have also noticed that it absorbs quick so I can layer a cream or moisturiser on top of it without being too oily!”

“My face has never felt softer since! I’m always so paranoid about breakouts when trying out a new product, but I’m so glad I started using this! Would recommend!”

"I used the Nourish Boy Oil last night on my legs and arms and the anti age eye serum and loved both. This one’s a real goodie”

"The products are amazing, from the candles to their skin care products. My skin feels amazing. Highly recommended!”

"The difference in my skin is amazing and the fact that it's animal cruelty friendly and vegan the more reason I love these products!”


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