Our Vegan Journey


It has been almost 7 years since I first began my journey into veganism. My interest in animal welfare was ignited in my second year of my Bachelor of Psychology. I remember sitting in the campus library reading through my biopsychology textbook. The first chapter was all about animals and the similarities we, as humans, share (did you know we share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees?!).

Later that week a discussion on vegetarianism was being held in my lecture hall. I don’t remember how it related to what we were studying but nonetheless, it was enough to plant a few seeds in my head to begin my research on plant-based eating. At that time I was heavily into the bodybuilder lifestyle (which in 2014 was characterised by litres upon litres of protein shakes and animal foods) so I wasn’t exactly looking to change my diet. 

I came across a documentary called Earthlings. I was only able to get through 20 minutes before I was bawling uncontrollably. For the next week you could find me tightly hugging my dogs while they tried to squeeze their way out of my embrace (still happens to this day), and experiencing random bursts of tears.

It was from that moment on I decided to switch to a vegan diet and adopt a more sustainable way of living. The health benefits I have experienced have been amazing but, to me, that’s just a bonus.

I know veganism has had its few minutes of fame in the past few years but it was a vital turning point for me which would later inspire the very foundation behind Umoya Botanics. That’s why everything produced by us is and always will be vegan & cruelty-free.

Whether you’re vegan yourself, interested in adopting more of a plant-based lifestyle or want to reduce your imprint on the ecosystem, our products are for you. Browse our range here and let us know what you think!

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