Skincare Through the Ages



Skincare rituals have existed since Homo sapiens developed the desire to look and feel beautiful. It’s a very real want rooted in complex biological adaptations that have been studied from centuries back. What’s even more interesting is that women and men through history battled the same skin conditions we do today.

The first archaeological evidence of beauty products is from ancient Egypt and dates back to an estimate of 6,000 years ago. The Egyptians used rich plant-based oils such as sesame and castor to preserve their youth. Baths concocted of honey and milk and exfoliants composed of Dead Sea salt have also been documented.

Fresh berries mixed with milk was a common facial mask implemented by the Ancient Greeks. Their abundance of olive trees were put to good use by making oils and exfoliants to deeply penetrate and cleanse the skin.

Herbs were widely used from Medieval times to the Renaissance era. Seeds and fresh flowers were macerated together to produce ointments and cleansers to soothe and moisturise the skin.

Today, many products made of artificial ingredients have replaced the simple herbal remedies our ancestors used. Our mission is to encourage a return to our roots by implementing the same wholesome ingredients our ancestors used, with a little modern twist.

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